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ScriptLab: SUCH an underrated tool!

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So underrated in fact, it should be renamed! Like "Macro Lab" instead!


Today I just accidentally checked out the Scriptlab from an accidental misclick...and what do you know, PDN has a built-in macro-script maker!


I thought this entire time using PDN for years, that it was just some program that allowed you to read the contents/source-code of a plugin or something, hence why it was in the Advanced folder. That's why I NEVER touched that area.



Seriously, I could've saved so much time from doing tedious tasks over the years by building me a collection of macros...If I had known such a feature even existed.


Seriously, that tool should get a name change to make its purpose clearer or something...Is there a way to obtain pre-made macros anywhere on the forum by any chance?

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Scriptlab has some limitations.  It runs only Effect and Adjustments - not the other tools, so you can't resize an image or crop for example.


There is a thread for sharing scripts here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8270-sharing-scriptlab-scripts-sls/

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