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Identify missing plugin? (troubleshooting forum)

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I had an item disappear from my effects menu same day I renewed my subscription to Nortons. The solutions is to make sure your version is up to date and all your plugins are up to date according to the forum. In my case it was only 1 dll file that nortons ate.
My question is this: how is one supposed to know which one(s) plugin(s) to replace without having to replace them all?







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Hi Brandy!  Welcome to the forum :)


Have a look through the Plugin Index (there's a link to it in my signature).  In the downloadable PDF version you'll find all the plugins listed by name with additional info like where they appear in the menus.  This may help you identify the missing plugin.


It may be useful to know that plugins are listed in the menus in alphabetical order.  This might help narrow your search.


Have you any idea what the missing menu entry was? 

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