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Need help with color replacement

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I am trying to use paint.net to make a texture pack for Minecraft. I want the inventory screen to be transparent. So I tried to use the color replacer with a tolerance of 0 to replace a color with a transparent black. So original color -> transparent color. But what happens is that the color that is partially transparent just layers on top of the other, just making it black. Since I need to get the shape and outline exactly right of all the boxes in this inventory screen, erasing and recoloring each pixel isn't really an option. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!



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Try using the recolor tool.


Set secondary to the shade you want to replace (Color Picker + Right click).


Set the Primary color to the new color with the lower opacity you want.


Recolor over the image with a large sized brush and a very low tolerance.


Does that work?

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Make transparent black your primary color

Select the color you want replaced using magic wand (change it to global mode)

Press backspace

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