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How do I scale the background layer?

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The first layer you start with is the background, I want to know how to scale/re-size it around the image imported. I am trying to create my own Minecraft skin, so I want to re-size the entire default skin image so I can work with finer detail. But i need to create a border around the original image so I can re-size it back to its proper size to be successfully uploaded to the Minecraft webiste as my skin. I cannot make a border because if I do with its current state the border will go over the first outer line of pixels of the image; I just want it to be a pixel outside the image, not on it.


I hope I have been clear enough. Please ask for specifications when I'm not that clear.


Thank you for any help.


(please pardon the Title, I just realized the mistake x.x)

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First method:

1. Ctrl+A=Sellect All (your image)

2. Choose Move Selected Pixels on Tools float menu

3. Hold Shift and drag to the corner

4. On Effects menu choose Object allign>>Center Both

5. On Effects menu choose Object>>Outline Object

6. Crop if necessary and Resize as you want


Second method:

1. Choose and swap colors on Colors float menu

2. Go to Image menu

3. Select Canvas Size

4. Expand Canvas at few pixels how match you want to be the border of image. Ensure you have tick Maintain aspect ratio and Anchor Middle then increase Width

5. Resize as you want



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