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Making a moon

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Thanks for the recommendation EER! I thought the 100% PDN Planet tut you suggested was excellent and it really helped me get a grip on the whole inner/outer glow idea as well as the gradient use. I've looked at a couple other tuts as well that are similar and helpful too. Thanks again and here is what I came up with today as I was working on the glow/gradients. Always appreciate your input.

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Great tutorial pdnnoob. I have made all sorts of moon textures but none like this. I added a bit more bump mapping by flattening the moon layers at the end, duplicating the layer, invert colours then run emboss once again adjusting as needed and erasing the areas outside the moon. The earth is one I had on file that I did ages ago with a shadow added to match the moon. Hope you like it.



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Awesome results, everyone! Glad people are enjoying this tutorial :)


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Kitty Soules , nice "lumppy-ness" , light to dark gradation is well done.  At another time, some stars would help offset the monochromatic feel of the background.

Regardless, I like the work, keep sending in more.getsmileyCAN54UAK.gif


Goonfella  well executed moon. a9d6fd58.gif the combination with your prior earth is stunning.

 I'll have to give your technique a try.....as soon as I figure out the original tuit (No, it is not the tuit -its me pudgy fingers and small brain)


cweber54 well done on both, your "earth" shows a very fine since of color and glow-wild background too.

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Did mine just now. Took some time to follow and yes, superb work on the texture of this. I also followed your suggestion to use Lens plugin. I guess Shape3D's a bit overrated for the planets and moons thing.

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My quest through the tutorials continues. I'm almost done with Creations.

I followed Parts 1 & 2 of the tutorial. I like the rocky texture and I think it will be useful for all sorts. I got lazy and did not follow Part 3. I used Shape3D instead and a transparency gradient.

I made the starry background and cosmic clouds using the techniques on the Polished Spacescapes tutorial.




EDIT: Re-posted the image. This time the right version 😁

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wrong image
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