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I just tried to help--now I need help with DPI...Please..

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Ok....I'm just an amateur who has been fooling around with (and loving) PDN for few years. But, thinking I was much better than I am, I tried to help out a friend who needed some fliers done for his heating business. Basically it was just some text to be printed out on 4x6 cards. Everything was fine until he went to the printer.


He was told it had to be "300dpi" (and he also said it HAD to be done on photoshop, so now I'm also trying to defend PDN taking the heat for my mistake lol)   


My project is at 96 PPI  and is 4x6 inches.  What do I need to do to get it to 300dpi (or to get it printable)? Obviously there is much confusion between dpi and ppi and I notice PDN only deals in the latter. I see now that I am in way over my head. If somebody can please throw me a line I'd really appreciate it.

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6" x 4" x 300DPI = an image 1800 x 1200 pixels in size.  Start with a canvas this size.

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Yup.  Pretty much.


Paint.net approximates the print size in the resize dialog based on the image size (pixels) and the stated resolution (px/inch or px/cm). 


Up the resolution to 300px/inch and set the print size in inches (you might wish to deselect the Maintain Aspect checkbox).  The pixel sizes should be calculated automatically. 




Of course you can reverse this and set the pixels size then the resolution in order to figure out the print size.

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Hey, Schirall! If you don't mind, could I ask you to change your post title to be more descriptive and bring it in line with the forum rules? Thanks! 


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