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Multi-color gradient & straightening a photo (How to in Paint.NET :) )

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Hi everyone, :)


I'm trying to find in Paint.NET the functions I use often:


1) How to straighten photos, using an horizontal line or a geometrical figure (I tried yet the radius straighten, but the photos are deformed then)


2) Some info on how to add a transparency layer and how to "colour" an area with transparent background;


3) How to make a gradient of two or more colours with advanced settings;


4) How to cut an area of a photo with precision (point-to point system and point to point "guided" based on colour tollerance levels; magic wand seems not to cut and then I haven't a firm hand);


5) Advices to additional plugins for photo editing (borders, frames, artistic effects, ecc ecc).



Thanks in advance ^^

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Hey Haddin!  Welcome!


1.  This plugin should do the job: Composition Tool


2.  Add new layer using this icon at the foot of the Layers Window :AddNewLayer:  Move this new layer to the bottom of the stack using the Down arrow.  Click on the new layer in the Layers Window to make it active (i.e. a blue highlight) then use the Paint Bucket tool :PaintBucket: to flood the layer with a color.


3. Try this plugin: Multi Color Gradient


4.  Zoom in and try the Eraser :EraserTool:  You can specify the size of the eraser in the Tool Bar.


5.  The list of plugins is called the Plugin Index.  find a link to the list, and extended versions which are downloadable, in my signature.

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I'll try plugins above. But seems to be the ones I need :)


I'll try also with eraser tool, however can I make an area to remove (a polygon made point-to-point) using a specific tools using tollerance and a line?


I think how to improve the post title, should I put a tag?


*EDIT* (Seems I can't edit post title, only body of post)

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