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Can you make this wood effect in paint.net?

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We have several very nice wood tutorials here on the forum. Try searching for them.

I've edited this thread title to add the effect you're asking about. It's a forum requirement that thread titles are descriptive - it makes the forum more easily searched ;)

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Once you have found a wood effect that you like, draw your owl on a new layer in a contrasting colour. You can do this using shapes & line tool, creating each new part on a new layer so you can edit them more easily. The big part of the eyes, the nose & the heart will have to be cut out from the body after you have the outline done. Alternatively see if you can find a clipart one & adjust accordingly. Once you have the owl done as you like, merge all the layers down & delete any that you don't need.


Then select the owl with the magic wand set to Global, click on the wood layer & press CTRL + C, create a new layer, press CTRL + P, hide the original owl outline, & Bevel Selection on the copied wooden owl to create a 3Dish owl.You then select change the layer blend mode to whichever works best for you. Probably Multiply. 


Good luck with it & hope that we can see your efforts :D Such a cute image.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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