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Clipboard Feature

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I don't see what the title of your post and the post itself have to do with each other. PDN has an unlimited, well, memory limited Undo function. What that has to do with the Clipboard is beyond me.

Are you talking about the ability to have more that one image selection on the clipboard?


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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If he's asking about more images on the clipboard, then the MDI of 3.0 should take care of that.

If he's asking about more than 1 level of undo, then you've already got that covered with unlimited undo.

So, it sounds like a PEBCAK issue to me.

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How do you get people to hang here with such a bedside manner?

At any rate I have answered my question, the undo from the menu is just part of the undo process; I rather like the step through history previews on the top right; whatever it is you call the feature.

I have seen some nasty comments about the product so I can see why people can get a little quick tempered. I am not one of those people, I think the product is fabulous. I am not a moron by any means and I work in IT, still I am the kind of graphics user that just needs the basics without the learning curve and overhead of Adobe apps. I even find it easier to use than the popular Gimp and more similar to Jasc. This fits the bill, keep up the good work! long Live Open Source.

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