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Move Selected Pixels tool problem

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Hi !

I want to inform you about a problem when selection is done over a small image. Zone used to move the selection (with "Move Selected Pixels" tool), is as little as the bitmap is. Zones aimed for resize are bigger (at the bounds and corner of the selection).

For exemple, create a 16x16 bitmap and draw a square in it. Select it with Rectangle select tool.

Then use the "Move Selected Pixels" tool.

At this point, it's impossible to move the selection, only hand cursor for resizing appear.

So, zoom at maximum.

Now, the arrow only appears when cursor is in the center of the selection, hand cursor when it's elsewhere in the image.

Paint.net seems to make zones for move and resize depending of the image size instead of the current view.

Edit : hum, I see that others topics talk about a part of this problem...

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The move arrow will appear outside the selection aswell. Try making a small selection (any size will work) and using the "Move Selected Pixels" tool, now move your cursor way outside your selection and you'll see the arrow again. That is really the only solution for moving small selections. I think it works great.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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