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Basic: Problems moving and re sizing layers in image

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I know this is basic, but I sure would appreciate some help. I slect one layer for the image . When I use the rectangular selection tool on the layer and go to resize or move the selection with the move resize pixel tool instead of moving or resizing the selected area I get blank rectangle that moves or resizes. The selected area just stays the same. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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The rectangular selection tool is just going to select the area you pick. In short, you're using the wrong tool.


Hit control +A to select the whole layer and then select the Move Selected Pixels tool .That's the one you want. You can move your selection and resize it.


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I think DarkShock is correct - you're using the wrong tool.

Use this one to move pixels :MoveTool: and not this one :MoveSelectionTool: (it moves the selection outline without moving any pixels in the layer).

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