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Seerose's Gallery - New Works August - 2020

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Luv the pool ques Seerose, particularly the handles, great effect.

The drawing and paint effects look very impressive. 

I'm much interested in graphics that look hand done.

I tried it in my Sea of Japan pic but you got it way sorted.

You're prolific and all, Good onya Seerose,

May your budgies never cross with cassowaries 🙂

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“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further.”

― Thomas Carlyle

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Beautiful kaleidoscope images @Seerose!  <3


You can easily get hooked on those plugins!  :D

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Beautiful @Seerose!  <3  Your artwork always brings a smile to my face!  😊


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Wonderful images @Seerose!  <3 

 I like #2 for the boldness of the colors and the last one as @welshblue says, for the stitch effect.

Great job!  😁


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