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Seerose's Gallery - New Works August - 2020

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<3 @lynxster4! Yes, true with the christmas background. It is nearly time.

<3 @LionsDragon! Decoration is my second name. All the apartments inside and outside are adorned.

<3 @Pixey! I hope madjik also thinks exactly like you.

<3 @welshblue! Oh yes ... crazy, wild youthful, unforgettable.

<3 @JulioCoolio! I always try my best.

<3 @Eli

<3 @Woodsy


Thank you to all for your attention, rep. point and  also for honest opinion.


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On 24/10/2017 at 8:09 PM, welshblue said:

What a mighty web you weave ...


... and now you're literally weaving one.  


Great glowy text and I like the way you've done the cobweb.  Nice job all round :D

(I'll let you into a little secret ... I'm actually terrified of spiders )

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<3 @lynxster4! Some surprises are always good. :cake: :coffee:

<3 @Pixey! I love swimming animals. :cake: :coffee:

<3 @LionsDrachen! You're right. Depending on what picture is. :cake: :coffee:

<3 @walisblau! Labrador dogs are my favorites. :cake: :coffee:

Thank you very much for your answers and rep.point. :cake: :coffee:


<3 @Eli and  <3 @Waldig! Thank you very much for the rep. point. :cake: :cake: :coffee: :coffee:

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