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GuidAttribute : what for ?


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namespace EffectName
   [GuidAttribute("270DCBF1-CE42-411e-9885-162E2BFA8265")] // <== THIS LINE ???
   public class EffectName

I'm wondering if this line is important in the plugin.cs file.

If I delete it, it doesn't seem to affect the DLL's creation.

Is that used somewhere (i.e. for DLL registration?)

Thanks for answer(s)

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Ok for that definition, it's like I thought. But how important is it for a built plugin for PDN?

For now, I'm duplicating a source folder to create a new plugin. It means I'm using the same GUID for several DLLs. Since a while, I delete the GUID.

What is recommended (for PDN)?

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I was recommending authors use this for awhile in order to establish an effect's identity. At some point the effect loader, if it comes across two plugins with the same name, will attempt to resolve identity based on this GUID. If two plugins have the same GUID, only the "newest" one will actually be added to the UI.

However, this is really only important when we (meaning me/Tom) release a plugin ZIP file that will eventually be integrated in to Paint.NET. That way both the "built-in" version and the DLL don't end up both showing up in the UI.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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