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Colour Sound Degree Project

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Hi Guy's I used to be a regular on the boards till University life took over.


As part of my degree I am looking into Sound and Colour perception and would be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes to take a survey .

There are 5 videos that last 20 seconds each, during the video a sound is repeated and a different colour shown, simply click yes/no if you think the sound changes, then click the COLOUR if you think YES or NONE if you click NO.

I know it's a bit "out there" but art is not all about painting pretty pictures, just think if a certain colour could help reduce the fear factor of certain sounds in say a children's hospital ward!!!!!!


This is the link to Survey Monkey, also I hope this is not breaking any of the board rules by posting this here.





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@Welshy: Cheers mate, sometimes there is an added bonus when you least expect it   :evillaugh:

@Kemaru: Thanks, it's an idea that has been running around my head for a few years and now I am getting the chance to 

                   explore it, it's going to be interesting to see how it develops and if there is an effect out with the sphere of synesthesia - which is 

                   a really interesting subject but one that has been research to death.

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Great to see you AFG! I took your survey. An interesting subject, but I couldn't notice a change in sound in any of the tests (and stared hard at the colors). :D

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