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Is "multi-colored" Line Drawing Possible?

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I work on old radios, and jukeboxes. Remember Vacuum Tubes (Valves)  Anyone?

The schematics when I can get them are not very clear. I try and clean up areas of the schematic I am working on by redrawing the lines, and redoing the text. I try and do the lines in the colors of the wires.

For example, If I wanted to draw a wire that was blue with a red stripe, it would look something like the attached image. It would have black outline, and the inside filled with 1 or 2 color (the diagonal strips would be nice, but I could live with straight lines).


If I wanted to draw a white line, it would have black outline, and the inside would be a solid color.


Is there a way to accomplish this for the two types of lines that I need to draw?


If not, can someone point me to some plugin source code that I could adapt?


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Something similar is possible.  You may have to do the black outline separately though..


1. Choose your two colors as Primary and Secondary.


2. Activate the line tool :LineTool:


3. Increase the brush width to the thickness you wish


4. Change the Fill Type to one of the Wide diagonal types.



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If you want to do it freehand, you can also put the pattern you want on another layer and clone-stamp it to the destination layer.


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I've created/edited many electrical schematics using mostly the Rectangle tool to draw wires: just about any combination of two colors, scads of fill patterns,

bordered or borderless, any width. No plugin needed. It's usually necessary to zoom in and clean up the intersections/direction changes. Easy and fun!

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