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Mysterious lines when shrinking selection [Possibly Aliens]


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Had a strange selection esque shape appear when shrinking an image from the canvas down down to what you see there, went away after i was done with the selection and selected a different layer, just thought id show yall :)






PS: That new artworks finished now, you'll see it soon!
PSS: Yes i have Photoshop, only use it for printing with the big expensive 'Photoshop Only' photo printers at college
PSSS: I could do with some Dropbox referrals, running low on space 
PSSSS: My blunt search for inspiration on a different project led me to google
PSSSSS: I think today was a good day for naming layers, others have been horrific
PSSSSSS: You can see a peek my two next works at the top :P
PSSSSSSS: Some professional file naming going on here
PSSSSSSSS: Still need to make a proper colour pallete
PSSSSSSSSS: Tutorial coming for 3Dness soon, for those who cant wait, duplicate original layer, point blur x2, duplicate layer x4, merge duplicates, AAs assistant, line tool to fix up edges ;)


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