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Anyone for Hosting ?


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Due to some changes in my pattern of work, I will from this week be unable to continue as the host of the Sig of the Week comp.

If anyone would like to nominate someone (or themselves) to continue this comp, feel free. :)


The new host can gladly copy / paste the rules (and banner if they wish to)


The next host would have to contact one of the staff on here to get the proper permissions to do so.


I would like to thank all who have entered / voted / supported this comp while I have been running it.  :trophy:


I do hope to take part in future comps, but I will be sometimes times away from the PC. I also hope that the comp is run for a long time to come.


Cheers.. B)





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Sad to hear that Drew :(  Thank you for your support for this competition and the forum users.


If anyone wishes to step up - please do so now.

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If no-one steps up in the next couple of days I'm happy to host it until someone does, to stop a hiatus of a popular competition.  But I can't do it indefinitely

It would be a shame to have a gap after the sterling work of all past and present host


Thanks for the time etc Drew.  Very smoothly run mate


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Sorry to lose @Drewdale. Thanks for your time doing the hosting and you did it so well hug.gif     Good luck on your tour - which sounds like fun.


Thank you @Chimay for stepping up - you are a trouper - good on you, and hope all goes well.  I'm sure all on here will be patient and helpful too thumbsup.gif  


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