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How to make a shadow in paper packs?

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The trick is to use Layers.  


One layer should contain one "piece" of colored paper.  The rest of the layer should be transparent.


If you apply the Drop Shadow plugin to an object (object = a collection of pixels on a transparent layer), then you'll be able to have the shadow extend over the neighboring piece of paper.


E.g. in your image, the colored panels should each be on it's own layer.  The right hand (5th) panel + drop shadow = the overlay for the 4th panel.  The 4th panel + drop shadow = the overlay for the 3rd panel and so on.


IMHO the shadows in your image would look better extending left to right - the reverse of what the image shows.

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Took me awhile to understand what you were saying. Anyhow, here is what I did just to sum things up:


1. Copied one paper selection using the magic wand tool

2. Put "Paste into a new layer"

3. Selected appropriate layer

4. Cut out 1/5 of the paper using the selection tool

5. Went to Effects-Object- Drop Shadow for each seperate layer.


This is what I came up with. It looks awesome!! Thank you so much Ego =)



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Glad you got it sorted webdesignbyapw!  You've made a nice job of the image.


If I have one criticism, it's that the same pattern repeats across the colors.  It would be even more impressive if the pattern was offset or different for each. 


The drop shadow is also very strong.  A more subtle effect might have been even more effective - it would give you less of a black edge to the shadow.

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