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Open a dialog when loading a file


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I have an issue with a filetype plugin I am writing. I need to show a dialog with 2 textboxes when opening the file, and I will enter the size of the image in those textbox, because the size can't be found in the file (only raw pixel data).


How could I do that ?

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Sorry there is no interface to do this.


You may create your own dialog but there are several issues to solve:

- you should execute the dialog in the Ui task which is a bit tricky

- the dialog should show the PDN glass look (if switched on) and follow the IndirectUi layout

- center the dialog on the main form and use the main form as owner

- the dialog should support PDN 3.5 and 4


There is one issue you can't solve w/o doing dirty things: Canceling the dialog (or the save method) will raise an exception.


One example is the ImSVG FileType plugin.

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