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Edit pictures in low light (night time pictures)

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Hi everyone,

First post here!!

I have been using pdn for basic editing for some years now without much trouble.

I recently have been taking night shots  and having hard time to edit them: Black spots / red spots / street lighting ect -


I am wondering if anyone would have suggestion / procedure  how to edit the below picture:

Many thanks



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I was able to make this using the Shadow/Highlight Recovery tool. You can find it in Tanel's plugin pack.




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Hi zazafromjohor, welcome to the forum.

DarkShock has come up with a very nice enhancement.

I've edited your original post to change the image to a link. In the paint.net forum we restrict images to a maximum size of 800px wide or tall. This helps out users with slow connections.

Enjoy your stay on the forum :)

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I would say almost certainly.  Of course the results will depend on the source image and the technique you use.  If you link to a tutorial we should be able to say with more certainty if paint.net can mimic it.

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I would use this program to fix the noise before you get started.

Something that would help a good deal is level adjustments (Adjustments>Levels)

-Start by dragging down the top slider on the left. How far you go depends on the image. Normally, I'd pull it down until the "mountains" in the output histogram (on the right) touch the top of the graph, but this image is really dark, so I stopped at halfway.

-Now we need to balance out the colors. Since red is the prevalent color in this image, we'll adjust the other two to match it. Uncheck "R" at the bottom and drag the middle slider until the green and blue "mountains" are centered on the red ones, then hit OK

The picture looks a little faded, so open up the brightness/contrast adjustment (Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast) and move the sliders around to something that looks good. I set brightness to -10 and contrast to 10

I'm not sure how you're going to reproduce the effect in the tutorial you linked to without taking multiple pictures. Trying to do it with one photo is just going to emphasize the poor image quality.

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