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change hair color etc

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I really would appreciate it if someone could help me and I don't mind you dumbing it down for me. I'd like to create a picture of me, with paint, after swapping the colors in Infranview, got that through myspace- to make my hair a funky color like blue or whatnot, but it changes my entire face to that color, i'd like to keep my face the color it normally is! I looked at several tutorials, one in particular seems to be what I want to do: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2309

I honestly don't understand it though. I don't understand how to change the colors or change certain areas of color- I know the tutorial says how, I just don't savvy, I'm very new to playing around with pictures...

Thanks K

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No problem. :)

Just remember, you may have to select the region of the hair, or else it may change color in other parts of the picture.

i tried to use it, but couldn't figure out what i was supposed to do to put into the paint.net program... i'm not computer savvy at all. i pretty much have to be spoonfed.

BUT i have just been playing w/ the program w/ some pics i took and made this today:


not sure which code to use to make a picture, hope that works... please be nice as i have no clue what i'm doing :oops:

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