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Using Paint.NET to create Normal Maps?

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I've been using Blender a lot recently, and, not wanting to front the money to buy a Normal Map generation program or (oh dear) use GIMP of all things, I decided to try creating a Normal Map in Paint.NET.


What is a Normal Map, you ask? Normal Maps are images that are used in conjunction with a texture to give the texture false 'depth', allowing, say, light to shine onto the bricks in a texture while not getting into the cracks between, or making light come from a specific side.


The original texture:



The normal map:




The result:



Not the best, as you can clearly see.


How could I make improvements? Is this even practical? Any suggestions?

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Ah. Thank you, BoltBait. As it turns out, the Normal Tools and Heightmap work spectacularly together. Thanks for the links.  'tis thy friend ;)


Yeah, I would have searched if I had any idea that normal mapping plugins existed. Unfortunately, I didn't. Oh well.

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