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Sparkle Effect?

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I have to be honest. I'm not seeing a sparkle effect in that image.


What specifically are you looking to accomplish?

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This should get you started.  You will need @pyrochild's excellent Random Shape Fill plugin.


1. New canvas, any size.

2. Set Primary to #6F1E0C, Secondary color to #FABB67

3. Effects > Render > Random Shape Fill  Settings:  TriangularConfetti, Fill color Primary & Secondary, No Outline.  Play with the Maximum size until you get a nice balance of shapes.

4. New Layer

5. Set Primary to #F96911, Secondary color to #B54800

6. Press Ctrl + F to run RSF again on the new layer.

7. Press F4.  Change Blend Mode to Overlay, Opacity to about half (128)

8. Flatten.

9. Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur @ 1






Your demo image has more layers and contrast.  This technique can be repeated on more layers to get a more complicated effect.

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