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Resizing text

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Hi guys, 


End of another week and time to do some mindless simple images I've got to catch up on, while the mind freewheels over a beer. 


Before the beer kicks in though, I am wondering about the text in my images. I am compiling images that end up 1000px across and will use them at 300dpi. 


Is it better to put large text into the image whilst it's still large (2-3000px) and then resize down to 1000px or is it better to not subject the text to a resize by resizing the image first (down to the 1000px) and then pop the smaller text straight into the finished size image. 


Which was will give sharper text (assuming a 2 point sharpen if resizing the text in a large image)


Coo, does that make sense? (and that's before the beer!) I'll attach a sample image to show the kind of thing....





p.s I learned to move over to PNG this week after reading that the JPG I had been using as 'standard' loses quality, looks like I was the last to find out.......




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Good afternoon, Handyman!

Interesting topic for a beer. I have a tutorial that may shed some light on things (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17049-dpi-and-you-understanding-resolution-for-print-and-web/), but the short answer is that you should almost always work big and then resize down.

Text, though, might be the one exception to that rule. You'll get Windows' own font renderer at the correct size if you wait until you resize down, which would be good. You'll probably want to experiment with both options to see which gives you the result you want. My gut reaction is that adding the text before resize might give you a more natural looking image, while adding it afterward should give you a more crisp text.

As for your PS: yep, JPEG is a lossy format. Its compression is very imperfect and you'll lose some definition in the reds at the best. Sorry about that. You should use PNG for a lossless format.


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