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RLE format BMP support...

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So something I've been working with needs to be able to use RLE formatted BMPs... unfortunately, simply changing things to 256-color BMPs doesn't work (it shuffles the colors for some reason), and I can't just use the vastly superior PNG due to how the software works.


I've tried searching, but my google-fu seems to have failed... do any of y'all know of any plugins that allow me to work with RLE formatted BMP?  Alternatively, anyone able to whip one up?  I'm sorry if it's a pain in the butt.

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Specifically, these are sprites for a rather old game.  It allows you to make custom ones, but for some reason the guy making decided that it should use RLE encoded BMPs with a specific pallette layout.  Meaning anything that isn't encoded that specific way will display incorrectly, with its colors all scrambled.

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