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Martin Osieka

Chop Up and Save (Tools Effect)

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'Chop Up and Save' Tools Effect Plugin


Chop up the current layer into tiles and save them to files. The resulting files may be packed into a single zip archive.
Supported tile image formats:

  • PNG - ARGB
  • PNG w/o transparency - RGB
  • BMP - ARGB
  • BMP w/o transparency - RGB
  • GIF
  • JPG

You may restrict the area to chop up by the current selection.


Tiles, Save Tiles


Martin Osieka

Download >> ChopUp.Effect v1.2 (15.10.2013)


Follow the instructions carefully

  • Unzip "ChopUp.Effect"
  • Copy the two files OptionBasedLibrary vX.X.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\ folder (NOT to Paint.NET\Effects\ !!!) A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET".
  • Copy the two files 'ChopUp.dll/dlc' to the Paint.NET\Effects\ folder. A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects".

  • Do not remove older versions of the OptionBasedLibrary if they are required from other plugins.      

After a restart of Paint.NET you will find the plugin under Menu->Effects->Tools.


Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0.5

Supported languages

The language used in the plugin depends on the language setting of Paint.NET and the support of this language by the plugin. The fallback is the first supported language of the plugin. Languages are defined in the .dlc files. This plugin supports the following languages in the moment:

  • English
  • Deutsch

You may add your own translation to the .dlc file.

Dialog options



This software includes the class ZipOutputStream from DotNetZip distribution to do the zipping.
See DotNetZip.License.Combined.rtf.

Known issues





  • 1.1 (11.10.2013)
    - Added zipping to archive
  • 1.0 (10.10.2013)
    - Initial version
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The first post is not readable and Martin Osieka's download page is not available.


EDIT:  I was able to download it from this site.

RE-EDIT: Thank you administrators for fixing it : )

Edited by Eli

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