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Avoiding white trails or fine lines after using eraser and lasso...

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Hi guys, 


Just grabbed Scott's book from amazon and can't wait to get a better understanding about some of the tools I've been using. In the meantime I just noticed that I have some white trails or fine lines in an image I'm working on that appear after I have been moving things around and deleting sections etc.


It's no problem on a little image like this to run around with the brush to tidy it up and then fill white/transparent, but I'm wondering if there is there a setting or an order of working that avoids making the lines in the first place?


Cheers guys, I don't understand a quarter of what you say but it's fun trying to do it anyway...


I have filled the background in black to show the trails....





Thanks again


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Welcome handyman to the forum.


Yes, there is a better way of working that avoids all of this. Getting the book is a fabulous jump start. 


Once you select what you want to move with the magic wand, cut it out & paste it into a new layer. When you want to move it, select it using the rectangle or ellipse select tool. This way there are no artefacts left behind. Do this with each portion you want to move. 


Personally, I like to leave as many layers intact as possible so that I can change things such as colours etc or even re-use some portions in other images.


Hope to see more of you :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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The Issue:  On making your selection, your selection is running up against an edge that is aliased. Very roughly this means that the edge has been lightly blurred to smooth the transition into the background or other image elements.


Your selection is capturing most of the aliased edge - but importantly not all of the aliased pixels.  When you delete the selection, these remaining pixels show up against your new background.


The Fix: There are multiple fixes.  The first it to use a higher tolerance when making the selection to try and capture more of the aliased pixels.


Once the removal has been performed, try AA's Assistant plugin or BoltBait's Feather to smooth off the edges again.  Both these plugins will remove the stray edge pixels, but need the group of pixels to have a transparent neighboring region to work.  In other words the boundary must be opaque to tranparent.


Then there is this plugin which should also clean up the image in much the same way: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26533-stray-pixel-remover/



I hope you enjoy my book and learn a great deal from it! Feedback is always appreciated :)

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Thanks guys, it does look like I just need to experiment more and try out some plugins to lessen the donkey work (that I'd quite been enjoying) there's something satisfying about deleting pixels........ :evillaugh:


I've been using a 'stock' set up for now, although today I did add a few goodies from the loooong list!


*laughing* about the 'club' badge welshblue,  that'd be something wouldn't it!  I did think about the 'out of context' nature of the image after I'd posted it. It's potentially to go on the cover of a DIY related book I'm almost finished (hence seeing if I've got the chops to design the cover), probably not, but at least my attempts might give the pro, I'll no doubt have to hire in the end, an idea what I want....



I will let you know about the book for sure EER! It has the honour of being the very first (paid for book) I bought to go on the shiny new kindle fire HD that came last week......


Thanks again


p.s. Looks like some of you guys are from down under? We just moved to Norway after a couple of years up at Whangarei, North of the North Island! Too many beaches man, didn't want to do any work. Got long winters for it now though duh!

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Honored to be your first ebook.  Truly :)


If you're publishing electronically I can recommend Amazon.  Their how-to guides are exhaustive and cover just about everything you need to know. 


Whangarei to Norway? That's quite a shift!

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Createspace is the way to go I agree. But it's such an exciting time because the field is getting bigger and easier all the time. So many platforms and so many different ways of approaching it. Itunes, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble etc etc. Plus audio, and different language versions.


Add to that learning about publishing in general, cover design, typography, interior layouts, marketing and expanded channels. Oh, and realising that you know nearly nothing about your own language, (well according to MS spell and grammar checker lol!)


Still, keeps us out of trouble doesn't it, and best of all it doesn't cost a dime (if you exclude buying brilliant ebooks that is.....)


I'll keep a running note in evernote with 'useful' feedback about the book......

Cheers for now, stuff to do....

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