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Create 16 bit BMP File

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For my Kenwood receiver splash screen, I require an 800x480 16-bit BMP file with RGB vales of R5,G6 and B5.  It seems that in paint.net I can create an 8-bit, a 24-bit or a default, with no other user-selectable parameters.  Am I missing anything?  Do I need to use a different program?  Thanks.



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I am really wondering why it can't be a 24bit. What is the limitation for? An 8bit will look horrible and a 16bit not much better. For what purpose is it needed for? Clarification please.


They came to your aid i see below me. I still would like to know why, but it's no real business of mine.

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I don't know why Kenwood specifies 16 bit and R5, G6 and B5 other than that is what I was told by Kenwood tech support, and that is the consensus of everyone on the web.  But I found a freeware program called Gimp2 and I was able to create the file and it works perfectly.  Thanks anyway.  Now I am trying to find out if I can do something similar with a Pioneer AVH-P4400BH dvd receiver (from 2012).  But I am told Pioneer requires a JPG file.

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