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Distant shimmer to use with text or whatever


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Starting off with 3 lines of various widths in white on layer 2. The background is so you can see it.

A second variation is to make 3 lines and fill them with a gradient with white and transparent. Make them less transparent at the top. This way the effect dissolves to nothing as it gets closer to you.



Like this


You can do this part various ways, but this is using the gradient bars. Make sure to set white as primary color, and set black to 0 percent transparency.



Below has been changed with layer transparency to 160. Hit it with blur 1 time and feather like so. If you're observant you can see that i did it with solid black (see layer panel), but it works better with black at 0.



Now, you must make it appear to be from a distance with perspective.



Below i selected the middle streak with rectangle select and copied it to another layer. Rotated that layer to get it to look correct.



Do it with another streak to another layer. See the history and layers on the side.



Here, i have the streaks merged to the same layer. The background is separate. I select all, and reduced the streaks to about 50 percent of what they were.



I used perspective again.



Below is just duplicated the streak layer and flipped it vertical. Stretch out both layers so they kind of line up in the center and have the streaks fill from top to bottom. It will take some adjusting. Merge the top and bottom streak layers when you like it.


Another option. I used the wobble plugin as shown. Then use drop shadow with a light color. This option used the stripes with white and transparent.




Below has an thin wide ellipse added on layer 4 filled with white. I made 3 duplicates of it and blurred and merged them.

The letters are so you can see what it can do. You can place any object on top. I got to thinking that you can actually add some noise to the streak layer. Why not try it with lower settings?



Below i duplicated the combined streak layer and added sepia to it. Then you can change the hue and saturation any way you want. Make sure when you make a duplicate that you move it or stetch it out more. You do not want them sittng in the same spot. You can even flip the second layer.



I did the same for the bottom layer and made a slight hue difference. For more advanced members. You can select one of the streak layers and fade it more when using gradient in transparency mode instead of color mode. Try a shape also.




OK, go have some fun with it. Make some changes to this idea. You never need to follow it exactly. This shine layers actually have some transparency and you can see through it. You can see for yourself if you added a bottom layer with some kind of design or stars maybe?

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