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paint.net cannot see scanner


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One computer pc1 has printer/scanner connected with cable

paint.net prints to and scans from the printer - no problems


Another computer pc3 uses the same printer via the wifi network

it prints with no problems including form paint.net

Going to aquire gives me "From scanner or camera" grayed out

How to set up paint.net to scan please?



PAINT.NET Version 3.3x, 3.5
EDIT: My version is actually 3.5.11




Help is appreciated

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Hi and welcome to Paint.net.  I'm not sure how to help you with this question - but, if you go to this link and enter scan in Search, you will see some discussion on the subject.  Good luck :smile:


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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I don't have a flatbed connected so mine is greyed as well. I would check device manager and see if you have a yellow triangle on the scanner. May be a driver problem or that since the scanner is connected by cable to the other computer, it is not seen at all because it is not directly connected and used with your wifi. It may be as simple as not seeing it on the local machine.

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You should upgrade the 3.3x version to the latest 3.5.11. Then check the printer drivers are up to date (check the printer manufacturers website).

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What model printer do you have?


You need to make sure that if the printer manufacturer has made WIA driver(s) available for the printer, that you've installed the latest version on pc3. Also, you need to ensure that the Windows Image Acquisition service has been started. If a WIA driver isn't available for your printer, you can either 1) use the Twainable plugin (only works with 32-bit Windows OSes) or 2) use TWAIN compliant software to scan the image and then open it with paint.net. 


Here is the paint.net FAQ entry:


Why can't I scan or print?
There are three possible reasons. The first is that you are using a "portable" version of Paint.NET -- a copy that is running on a USB stick, for instance. The WIA system component simply may not be installed in this case, as it requires proper installation and registration.

Second, if you can't scan, then maybe your scanner doesn't support WIA. You can check to see if you scanner supports WIA by verifying that it shows up in the "Scanners and Cameras" control panel. Some scanners or cameras require that special software or drivers be installed before they work with WIA.

The Windows Image Acquisition system service must also be enabled. This may be disabled if you have "tweaked" your system, or if you are running Windows Server where it is set to Disabled by default. Simply set it to "Automatic" or "Automatic (Delayed Start)" and it should work.

If regular Paint can't see your devices, then Paint.NET will not be able to either.

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