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Losing image quality after adding layer and inserting into MS WORD

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Hi guys,

Been using paint for a while and finally getting around to finding out why I seem to lose a little quality whilst editing my images.

I am resizing images down to 1300px wide to fit my book and they resize fine (some in paint and some in irfranview).

I then add a couple of layers with some text and a coloured background. Save two copies: .pdn, and a .jpg.


All the images look great until I insert the modified images into WORD where the images with the added layers isn't as sharp as the originals which look just fine.


screenshot of images in WORD



I think the car is definitely not as bright as the original.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong...


It's OK if I'm doing something really dumb, you can let me know, I've got broad shoulders.......:-)

Thanks for reading this far,





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I have a suspicion Word converts images to BMP format when you save the document.  So there might be a problem there.  


The other issue might be the size.  Check the image is going into Word at 100% size and not being shown at 75% or 80%.

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Thanks guys, I hear you. But I am assuming that whatever weird things WORD does, it'll do the same to both images (since they both come from paint after being resized/worked on etc).


Oh, I just realised that this isn't a paint problem lol! I looked at the images in my photo gallery and the car is fine in both images which proves that my problem lies with the way WORD handles the images, but why does it change the image that has layers? It can't know about the layers since the image has been flattened and saved as a .jpg. 



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You should also consider the possibility that Word isn't your best choice.  It usually does weird things to anything you put into it, text and images alike.  :-)


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I found it. And It was something dumb I did, sorry.I got my resolution descriptions mixed up in my file names (I am using 96dpi for the screen and 300dpi for the printed page). Guess that's what happens when you're crunching dozens of images one after the other....


Re WORD, after learning all the stuff new in 2013 (last version I bought was way back in 2000!) I gotta stick with it now... It's more powerful than ever.


Thanks for the help guys,

Stay well


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