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.JPEG to .PNG in Fewer Easy Steps?

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I've been a heavy user of this great software for years now and it recently occurred to me that I spend a huge amount of time editing .jpeg files and saving the result as .png.


Just wondering if anyone here knows of any way to save time resaving as a different filetype (The fastest way I'm aware of is to Save As, then find the desired filetype in a dropdown menu).


Automating it would be fantastic, but if there's a keyboard shortcut or something, that would also be much appreciated.



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There's no setting to change or anything, but Ctrl+Shift+S will bring up the Save As... dialog box so you can change the filetype quickly.


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Thanks for the replies, I do use ctrl+shift+s already, which indeed, cuts the time in half.


Looks like handling them in bulk would be the way to go, except that I'm usually only working with a few images at a time and I find it very useful to keep them in order of acquisition.


I downloaded the tool regardless, because I bet there will be some occasions where it's just what I need.

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Another possibility is to edit your images, put the flattened images on separate layers (in one file), then run the layer saver application

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