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F.REQ Zoom Windows

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Just wondering about the possibility of zoom windows (output windows).


The Opened File in the UR corner works okay as a zoomed/output window, but a seperate window is always nice. For instance:

01. Deleting backgrounds: You often have to zoom in to do such things. It would be nice to see the output in a less zoomed version (300%, 200%, 100%, etc).

02. Working with icons: How to tell if your shade looked good without zooming out again?


The way i've seen it done (at AlphaGraphics, etc) is you make changes, then you keyboard shortcut zoom out. You do that over and over again until you're done. Works okay, but I think having to access the keyboard that much could seriously crimp your creativity.


Anywayz, just a suggestion. Pretty sure you can't do such things with a plugin, but if anyone knows of a way to do this in CodeLab, please respond. Maybe I could write a seperate class instance expression, add a bit of Lambada to a nested routine, and finally a goto statement that doesn't work? Maybe I'll switch it to another block...see how that works. That stuff is sooooo kewl.







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No, it can't be done with a plugin. Plugins can only do effects, adjustments and filetypes.


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