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How to paste a texture onto a vase template

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Howdy, I apologize if this is already covered but I've tried to search for copy/paste terminology.  "mask" didn't seem to produce the result I was looking for.  


I make sculpties in Second Life.  They need textures and up to this point, I've been doing it by hand, pixel by pixel.  Now I want to learn how "real-looking" textures are done by editing the texture maps.  


(hopefully my image attached)


How do I go about applying the beige marble texture on top of the black vase outline but not outside of the lines?  It's ok and preferable if the texture is squeezed at the bottom to wrap around.  and I'm trying to make it seamless, the marble square at the bottom actually covers the 4th vase side.  (the top and bottom outlines are the outside and the right/left are the inside of the vase.)


Thanks for your help.



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Welcome to PDN


I will start this because i see you are trying to add a texture to a unwrapped file. Most here don't deal with these things.

First, tell me which 3d program, and how are you mapping it? Sperical, cylindrical or planar? I have no idea how the game you use is doing this.


I think they do planar mapping. It repeats each half from one image. You may see a line from each half on the vertical.

You should not need to worry about anything beyond the outline of the mapping. This is ignored. Make sure that you stretch or get a larger image. Everything inside the coordinates of the vertices will be used only. At least it should be. I do not know anything about second life.

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The easiest way for you to learn this is youtube. You need to unwrap and render a uvw ias a tga file and then place it on another layer with the textures you want.

Go and search uvw maps at youtube.



Ok, you're absolutely right.  I found several...hundred lol.  I started watching tutorials from the scratch in Blender all over again to make sure I didn't miss anything .  The materials used in Blender seems to be something different, but I think it's a better startr.  Once I get done that, I'll see how much better I can understand exporting into paint.  


Thanks for your replies  :)

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