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Making Blurry Wedding Photos Clear

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Hi all, am a newbie that needs some assistance please. I got married a few weeks ago and took some digital pics of the evening disco that have come out rather blurred and out of focus. I have tried to find a way of using paint to sort out the pictures but with no luck. I have looked at the plugins that are available but cannot find anything suitable.

Please see enclosed example.

Any ideas would be very welcome.



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You need a better title than "Help Please." We need to know what kind of help you need. :-)
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Unfortunately, that sort of image recovery is pretty much impossible, despite what you see in movies.  There's no such thing as an "enhance" button that will make a blurry image like this clear.  You can try various sharpen tools (though it sounds like you already have) with varying degrees of improvement, but the bottom line is that the only way to have a clear picture is to take a clear picture.  I'm so sorry, I know it's a tough blow to lose such an important event because the photos turned out badly.


You can think of it like this: take a book, shred all the pages, and throw out a third of them.  Now try to reconstruct the entire book, word for word, with only the shreds you have left.  You might get a halfway decent facsimile, but the only way you'll get anything clear is with a lot of guessing.  And unfortunately, computers aren't very good at guessing.


I'm sorry, but this picture is most likely a total loss.


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