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Removing heads/Replacing with new ones~Question!

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HI. Im completely new at this. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject, and also if im asking a question that has already been answered somewhere else. I looked through the forums i swear.

So heres my question...

I think its real funny to put a diffrent head/face on a body in a picture. example: my boyfriends head on my cats body, or erase the face of a celebrity and put mine in there instead! There is a website called zingfu.com that does it for you...not many options though. So can i do this with this program? If not, can anyone let me know about a program that could? If yes, ANY info is greatly apprecialted!!! or if there is a tutorial about it...show me the way! thank you so much in advance. sara.

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It takes some tedious use of the lasso select (and possibly the magic wand). An easy way is to make a new layer and make a pixely black line around what you want (maybe a pixel or two away from it). then use the magic wand at 0 tolerance, select the layer below, hit ctrl+i to invert the selection (if the background wasn't already selected),and delete the background. Next, use the lasso to select the little bit that you missed. once it is mostly gone (it's almost impossible to take it all away without taking out skin), use thisto make it look smother and viola! you have a head to play with.


While using the "move selected pixels" tool, you can right-click to turn it at your own will. It took me a while to figure that out.

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Love the santa dog! thank you both for your input! I think i need a little more detail if its not toom much to ask... :oops:

Say i had a pic that was of a person, and i lassoed the face out. Now i have a pic with a hole in it. i was thinking my next move would be to have a new face picture that i could put underneath that lassoed out pic, and resize the face to fit right in there. or start with the new face and place a the lassoed out pic over top and resize it to fit the face underneath. am i making sense? I just want to make things as smooth or "natural" as possible. as opposed to just placing my horrible freehanded lasso face over top of a pic. know what i mean? thanks in advance for any input!!! :D

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You don't need to create a hole where to place the picture! Because the subject will take its place over the background picture...

Now, if it's really that you have then try to resize the top picture to fit the hole. Don't hesitate to resize the hole also.


Find for each subject a picture with common light and size. It's much better for the result.

My example from internet search:

http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~wisdom-of-garne ... letroy.jpg

http://www.malli-p.de/Mallis_Welt/Bilde ... dford4.jpg


Find the best angle for the face to place then cut off the rest.

Playing with the layer visibility adjust the hole to fit with the face.

photoFX1.png => photoFX2.png => photoFX3.png

And finally some level adjustment and some blur to clean it up...

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