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plugin that crops selection then resizes it


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Here is what I need to do:


1. Open jpg picture

2. Select a square region

3. Crop to selection

4. Resize image to 100px X 100px

5. Save jpg


I would like to create a plugin that will take care of steps 3 and 4 with one click


I know c# very well and have downloaded and configured the plugin template for Visual Studios via this post:



I'm not sure where to go from here.


The pseudocode would look something like this:


Get selection bounds

Save pixels inside selection bounds to temp image

Resize temp image to 100px X 100px

return temp image


If this can be done without creating a plugin that would be fine also.


P.S. Is there documentation on the methods from the paint.net dlls?

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Plugins may not manipulate the selection region itself, and they operate entirely within any selection when manipulating pixels.  Therefore a plugin may not 'crop to selection' as, by definition, the plugin cannot remove the pixels outside the selection.


More >> http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14566-what-is-and-isnt-possible-when-writing-plugins/

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Paint.NET doesn't do macros, but there are a handful of shortcuts you can use...


1. Make your selection using Rectangle Select + Shift to force the selection square.


2. Ctrl + C (Copy to clipboard)


3. Ctrl + Alt + V (Paste clipboard into new image)


4. Ctrl + R (Image > Resize)


5. Ctrl + S (Save) 

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That's pretty much what I have been doing. I was just hoping to make it a little bit easier.


Is there a reason Paint.net doesn't do macros or has that feature just not been added yet?


From what I've been reading a lot of people could use that feature.


I love Paint.net but it looks like I will need to find another program to do this.

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1. Make your selection using Rectangle Select + Shift to force the selection square.

2. Ctrl+Shift+X (crop to selection)

3. Ctrl+R (resize)

4. Ctrl+Shift+S (save as...)

I think the bottleneck above is step 3 where you have to type in the size you want. If there was a way to customize presets kinda like sand33p's suggestion here (but in the resize window), that could streamline the process a bit.

A one-click solution for this issue would be too specific to be beneficial to most people.

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This feature would be great as standard part of Paint.net.

I have lot of images which I have to crop and resize to same size.


Selection => Fixed Ratio => Saved Preset (eg. 700x300) => Crop&Resize (which would crop and downscale or upscale image to targeted size).

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