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New to paint.net - Fingerprint comparison question

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Hi all,


For a forensics project at my university, I've been given several sets of fingerprints to compare to four lifted unknown prints in order to determine who committed a crime. I thought I might use Paint.NET to help me out with this. All of the prints have been scanned into my computer from the copied handout (kind of crappy copies, btw) at 1200 dpi. I have three sets of known individual's fingerprints (5 from right hand, 5 from left hand) and I've scanned in the unknown fingerprints, each in its own separate file. My idea was to make each unknown fingerprint transparent, then paste each into the known individuals' scans, in order to make comparison easy. I have no problem with the transparency portion of the task; my problem comes with the size of each individual unknown print. When I paste the transparent unknown into a known individual's file, the print is about half the size of the comparison print images. What I want to know is this: is there a way for me to resize an image on the fly after it has been pasted into a new layer on an image, without risking distortion by doing it manually?


Any help will be much appreciated.




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Hey Dormire - welcome!


When you've pasted the second image in the selection should still be active.  Activate the Move Tool :MoveTool: + hold down the shift key while you drag out the bottom right corner of the smaller image.


The Shift key in this context forces Paint.NET to maintain the height/width ratio of the selection.  Cool yes?


When you've dragged out the image to the right size, release the mouse key (before the shift key).


Here's another tip you might like:  Changing the upper layer blend mode to XOR gives you a layer-to-layer comparison.  The differences should show up clearly.


BTW:  Butler did it :lol:

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