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FurBlur - Update 30th July 2014

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Thanks for this effect Red ochre,


I had some fun trying to make a photo look like a painting. I used Furblur to emulate strokes and then distorted them with the Dents effect.




I also used it for this signature : 



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Good result Eli - thanks for posting the image. B)

Have you tried my 'Scribble' effect?
... a similar idea to Furblur, less subtle but you can set different stroke angles for different tonal values.

Always good to experiment with different combinations of effects! ;)
Sig looks good too.

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Hi Rickhum - welcome to the forum.
(I saw your post in the introduction thread)
- seems you have a good attitude to life and cats are usually good judges of character! ;-)

Excellent bee image, thanks for posting it and I'm pleased you're finding Furblur useful.

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:lol::lol:Cool, Thank you Eli!

My previous Avatar was hosted on 'Gravatar' and disappeared when the forum changed.
Now I've figured out how to upload new ones directly to the forum I can have more fun with them.
Here's the old one and another new one I was saving for Halloween.:)




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Hey Red Ochre!


I feel it is my duty to thank you for creating this Blur. I'm a beginner in graphics design and digital art and I wanted to make something for my girlfriend. Bottom line being that, it wouldn't have been possible without your help.




While the picture can sure use a lot more work, I don't really know how to go about it. Hopefully Ill get better with time. However, until then, this is my art and thank you for your massive contribution to making this possible.


Link to the full image

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A wolf shagging a rabbit! - bizarre - love it!😁


Thanks for saying thanks for the effect.


I hope your girlfriend shares your sense of humour and appreciates the love put into creating the image.
I'd like to see the wolf and rabbit smiling more.

Kinky threesome with a goat?☺️


More seriously: You've done well getting the essence of the animal shapes and getting used to using paint.net. You have talent! - do keep practising real life drawing on paper - those skills, acquired when young, will always transfer to the latest technology.😉

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