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FurBlur - Update 30th July 2014

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This is quite an amazing plugin. Red ocre, do you somewhere have a description of how it works? I'm interested in plugins that convert photos into imitation art, such as paintings, and I think the ideas used in this plugin might be useful for writing a plugin that imitates brush stokes.

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Many thanks scryer52 - sorry for the late reply.

Hello MJW,
I had the same thought myself and am working on something based of this code but using the direction and magnitude of the tone gradient to draw the trail/blurs. Here are a couple of preliminary results.

http://i.imgur.com/ItpVtUq.png http://i.imgur.com/298xiFv.png

The FurBlur code (Visual studio I'm afraid) is here:http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27013-furblur-roi-random-problems/page-4 - last post has the current code.
Basically furblur selects a random point then moves out at an angle to draw a blurred line. As it loops out from that point it adds a tiny change to the angle each time, which gives a curve.

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Red ochre Plugin pack............................................................... Diabolical Drawings



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Thank you so much, Red ochre. Using the direction and magnitude of the tone gradient was exactly the approach I was contemplating. I was also thinking of limiting the extent of the stroke to pixels that matched within a given tolerance. I'm eager to look at the FurBlur code. I'm very familiar with programming with Visual Studio, just not yet for Paint.NET plugins. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and switch over from codelab. The example pictures of the preliminary results are quite intriguing.

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Yeah, he's back.  But for how long with comments like this???


Bloody useless moderators! :lol:;)

:P Nice to see you Red!

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