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Request: Selection Border Extension

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I was wondering if in the future there can be a feature added to extend (or decrease) the boundries of a selection. Basically, any unselected pixel bordering a selected pixel would become selected (at an increase of 1).

For example, say you have a square selected that is 3x3 pixels. By using this feature, and adding 1, the pixels 1 pixel around the square would become selected, therefore creating a 5x5 square.

This would also work for unrectangular figures. For example, a selected circle with a diameter of 3 would become a circle with a diameter of 5.

Edit: I determined the blue text above would be wrong; see examples in second post.

This can be done simply with squares and circles by dragging the selection's corners, however this is not so easy, and therefore extremely useful, for irregularly shaped selections.

I hope I got my idea across clearly...

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I came up with more ideas for this, perhaps this will clarify it a bit... since no one has replied...

When you click on some tools, such as the line tool, there is a tool bar up top that says:

Brush width [-] 1 [+]

I was thinking of a very similar method to control the Selection Border Extension ability. It would just like that:

Border extension [-] 1 [+]

However, you choose the number you wish to increase or decrease the selection by, then click + or - to change the selection.

For example:

Red line = Selection

This image:


Select all of the black:


+1 border extension:


+2 border extension:


-1 border extension:


Idk if "intension" (as oppose to "extension") is a word, so I didn't use it. Lol.

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I think I'd prefer something more similar to PhotoShop's Expand / Contract Selection options. I know that has been requested before. I know Rick is aware of this request, but I'm not certain as to whether or not he's planning on adding it.

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