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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post future enhancement/feature requests, and please forgive me if these have been posted before (quite likely I suppose)...

1. An Airbrush / Spray tool would be VERY helpful. The old Dr. Halo had an effect where if you kept the spray focused on one spot for more than a few seconds, the paint would begin to run (like a real spray can). This might be asking too much, but just a basic spray tool would be great.

2. Drop-shadow effects on symbols and text objects. With options to configure the offset distance and angle, color, dithering, etc.

3. Layout control using ruler markers. The old MS Image Composer had a great feature for adjusting the content size by dragging guidelines on the horizontal and vertical rulers. Only the content within the layout window boundary was captured if you saved to a raster format. The entire workspace would be saved if kept in the native format. Setting the layout by editing numbers in a box is nice, but sometimes I want to visually adjust it also.

4. In keeping with the above feature, it would be nice to be able to drag content outside of the workspace and keep it visible and editable. Several other graphics apps do that and it can be very helpful with you're in a hurry to arrange multiple objects in different ways before making it final.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic product and a huge effort obviously. Very much appreciated. My suggestions are not meant to pick at it in any way, only to try to help improve it. Thx

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