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Best way to remove unwanted sections of an image?

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Hi all, 


I'm a bit of a newbie with Paint.net and I hoping there is an easy fix to this problem...  


I have taken some product shots and didn't realise at the time that the blutac I was using to support the product was showing in the shot (at base of pendant).


What is the easiest and quickest way to remove this section or blur it with the background?  I've tried using the dropper to select the background colour nearby and then using the paint brush to cover it up but my "fix up" seems to stand out just as much as the blutac did in the original...  


Any suggestions are welcome, thanks  :)


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I would select the brush and set it larger. Maybe 40 to 60 pixels. Use color select to match the white background. Set that as your brush color. Carefully color over those blue and shadow parts at the bottom. I could do this very quickly, but it is better to learn than to have things given to you.


Forget the speech. This is a freebie


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Are you trying to keep the shadow and reflection of the object? That would really complicate things if you were...


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I would take the photo again. Your product deserves it and it would be less noticeable. A viewers eye can be incredibly difficult to fool.

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Thanks everyone, especially Visual for the fix up, you're the best!!  :smile:   I'll be sure to look a bit more carefully before taking the shot next time... ;)


Out of curiosity Visual, how did you recreate the shadow?

I made an elipse and filled it with a gradinet of white and dark grey on a new layer. I set it to overlap the object and used eraser to remove overlapped part. I reduced the layer opacity to 50 percent. Hit gaussian blur a couple of times I then used soft saturation on the bottom layer to make it look enhanced. Merge and done.

Welsh did a good job above me. That is the most common way. I tried to replace the effect from the original though. Both ways solves your problem.

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