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need help making latex/pvc texture

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Textures like that are all about the shine.

Add a new layer and, with the line tool, draw the shine on your object where appropriate. Use a slight gaussian blur so it isn't too shiny, then play with the layer properties until you get something you like.

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pdnnoob is absolutely correct.  And remember that the reflection is going to look different depending on the shape of the object and the source of the light; for instance, take a look at this pipe*:



See how the reflections are long lines along the object?  Similarly, a sphere will have points of reflection, while a flat surface like a cube will have a near-total reflection on the side closest to the light.




*In all my life, I can honestly say I never expected to say those words.


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Welshy :D I can just picture it & I can hear the MUM!


Remember also that colour absorb the surrounding colours too. So that someone wearing a blue shirt may have a blue reflection on the skin too. Or a white pipe on a timber plank may have a brownish reflection near where the 2 surfaces meet.


Not an easy task. Googling lots of other similar images may be the way to go as Welshy did - take heed though, you never know what you might find. 

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Just my luck that my daughter came into the room as I google imaged latex and pvc. The shake of the head was not good. The "MUM" was even worse

As well as the 2 above advices - gradients are your friend too. PVC is never a flat colour with white shine, there's varying shades as per reflection/shade mentioned above

I'm intrigued what you want it for



I recently started making clothing on a game I play.

ty everyone for all the responses, very helpful. xxxxx

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