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Paint the whole active selection at once?

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I am trying to select single color areas in the picture and paint them with different color. There are quite some of these areas in the picture, which is a problem for me. I have been using Magic Wand tool (with Shift click) to select all these areas with same color but I am not able to paint these selected areas with "one click". Now I need to use Pain Bucket tool maybe 100 times to paint all the individual selected areas one after another. Is there way to paint the whole active selection at once? 

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Using the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: in combination with the Shift key selects all the pixels in a layer that satisfies the Tolerance (i.e. Global mode of selection instead of the default Contiguous mode).


It sounds to me like you would actually be better recoloring using the Recolor tool :RecoloringTool:

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