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TIFF vs PNG in Printing?

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I just printed out some PNG images on A3 paper, and then someone told me TIFF is a better format to print images, so if I go in PaintNET and convert the image to TIFF, and print it out, will it look slightly with higher quality than the PNG print out?


And yes, the image is 300dpi, no worries about all that pixels per inch stuff, it does not matter, it's all about format.



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If you made the image in paint.net, there isn't a difference in printing between png and tiff.

tiff supports CMYK which is the "proper" way to print, but paint.net only works in RGB, so if you're using strictly paint.net, you won't be able to take advantage of tiff for printing.

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Not sure why this was in the Off-Topic section.  It looks like a Paint.NET question to me.


<Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions>

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