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canvas sizing

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ok I dunno if I'm just thick or over thinking this but I'm trying to design an a4 and a3 poster; and I'm looking for the dimensions to fill in to the canvas sizing tool....


I keep finding the dimensions but I'm confused as to what I am to have the resolution bar/ option set at? I want the posters dpi to be 300 or 400.


can someone please save or help me as its driving be batty?!


also what size should the file be .mb wise?


thank you for taking the time to even read this ;)



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Thanks for your reply and help nitenurse and I understand most of what it is saying but it still leaves me with the question, if I'm looking for a design or canvas with a 300dpi do I type 300 in to the resolution bar/ option as in the snap shot it has 96 typed, is that for 96 dpi.


if I do then my file size is a whopper 472mb??

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The resolution is measured in dpi. So yes, type 300 in that box.


if I do then my file size is a whopper 472mb??

What did you expect? You just tripled the number of pixels...

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300 DPI is a high quality print setting (almost photo quality).  For a poster of that size you're probably not going to actually need such a high setting.  Consider how close is the poster intended to be read from?  In the hand?  From a meter?  Two?


Hand:  300 DPI might be appropriate.


Meter:  Try 200 DPI.


Two meters:  150 DPI should be enough.


If in doubt, go higher rather than lower.

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