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How to make a circular/spherical image?

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I'm trying to print a CD label, but the problem is that the image I'm using for the label is a square, so when I try to expand the image to avoid any white corners, it crops out some of the text.


Is there a way I can use Paint.NET to make the image spherical?

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Without seeing the image it's hard to guess if this will do the job or not:


1. Open the square image


2. File > Image > Canvas Size | enlarge by 200%  anchor: Center


3. Effects > Distort > Bulge @ 100


4. Make a circular selection as large as possible within the limits of the distorted image - does that encompass the text?  If it does press Ctrl + Shift + X to crop to the circular selection.


If that doesn't work, please post the image here so we can see how close the text is to the corners.

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