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Ctrl-(left)-Shift+S triggers Rectangle Mask ...

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let me first say thank you for this very nice tool.


I am using it for a long time now, and got used to several shortcuts.

However after one update my beloved shortcut is not working anymore.


I am so used to pressing: left Ctrl + left Shift + S for "Save as ...", but unfortunately now the rectangle mask opens, which drives me mad :)


I found out, that using left Ctrl + right Shift + S is working as intended. But I need two hands for this shortcut.

Could you make left Shift usable again, for Saving as ... ?


That would really be appreciated.





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Both ways are opening Save As for me

... that said, I've only just realised that Ctrl + S opens it too (and when you've a couple of digits missing that is really handy. No pun intended)

ctrl+s opens the Save As window only if you haven't saved the file before.


Ctrl+left shift+S is working just fine for me. The key for the rectangle selection tool is S, so I suspect you either accidentally released ctrl and shift before hitting S, or your left ctrl and/or left shift keys are not functioning properly.

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Are you on a laptop or desktop computer?


The reason I ask is because cheap keyboards sometimes have problems with multiple keys being held down at the same time.  If you're on a desktop computer, it may be worth your while to spend more than $10 on a keyboard.

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